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Paulo Castro – About me

LinkedIn_Profile_Photo_Paulo_Castro_2Nice to meet you! …

Paulo Castro is the author of this blog, ‘The Transfer of Knowledge’ where he tries to see Learning, Science, Design, and Technology through the eyes of the Instructional Designer that he is. Currently, he resides in the beautiful city of Weston, Florida.

A Happy Kid…

Paulo was born in Lima, Peru at about the same time the Beatle’s song ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ was at the top of the popularity charts. Soon after his birth, his family moved to New York for four years. Baby Paulo enjoyed walks in Central Park and the vicinity of Kew Gardens where his family lived. He went back to his native city after his Big Apple experience, and started school at ‘SSCC Recoleta.’ Life was good and it got even better when in the late 70’s, Paulo’s family headed back to the USA.

High School in Portland and Boise…

Mr. Jose Castro Sr. (Paulo’s dad) found work in Portland, Oregon. The Pacific Northwest was certainly a wet experience (so much rain!) that lasted for less than a year. After briefly attending Beaverton High School in Beaverton, Oregon, Paulo’s family headed to Boise, Idaho.

The early 80’s was the beginning of Paulo’s glorious decade – most people who were teenagers or in their early 20’s at this time say this is their best time ever. Paulo Castro attended Capital High School where he joined the Varsity Soccer Team, Tennis Team, Swim Team, the Ski Club, the Spanish Club, and managed to spit out a few words in English (Paulo’s native language is Spanish).

Then, just after graduation, it was back to Peru again. It’s complicated to explain but it has to do with Paulo’s dad feeling more comfortable with his kids going to college in Peru.

A Career in Medicine?…

Mr. Castro wanted his older son (Paulo) to follow his steps into a career in Engineering. Unfortunately, Paulo never found joy in Trigonometry, Calculus, Fluid Dynamics or anything that requires you to remember Planck’s constant.

Instead, Paulo decided to follow his instincts into a career that was closer to Biology, Medicine, or the Natural Sciences in general. Paulo applied to ‘Cayetano Heredia University’ where he started his career in the Biomedical Sciences.

Troubles in Peru, back to the USA…

Political turmoil in Peru complicated the life of a peaceful college student. The Shining Path and MRTA terrorist organizations were causing major disruption, to the point when it was a constant danger to his life to even attend classes in college. So, after careful thought and planning, Paulo and his family headed back to the USA – this time, to New York.

Paulo graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from Saint John’s University in the early 90’s. Then, he continued with a Master’s program in Molecular Biology and Genetics.

Doors closed for Biomedical Jobs, doors opened for Information Technology Jobs…

His first ‘office’ job in the field of Information Technology landed him at the Citibank building at 601 Lexington Avenue. He worked as a Technical Support Specialist, helping users with computer problems.

For the next few years, Paulo taught himself a new career in Technology. He escalated into higher paying jobs with more responsibilities. He reached the level of Regional Systems Administrator for a major law firm when suddenly his life changed completely.

9/11 Changed His Life…

Paulo was working for the law firm of Cozen O’Connor located on Broadway near Trinity Church in the Financial District of Manhattan. The morning of September 11, 2001, started early, with the backing up of servers, some email maintenance duties, and some early talk with some attorneys who were already in the office that morning. Then, buildings were burning and falling and this day became the worst nightmare in his life. Paulo had gone out of his office to pick up his wife (working at Citibank on Wall Street a few blocks away) when the second World Trade Center tower collapsed. Death felt so close.

New Life in Florida…

A few months after the terrorist attack in NYC, Paulo and his wife moved to South Florida to try a more peaceful life. It was in Florida where Paulo decided to change his career focus from fixing computer problems to training employees. His experience in Technology is now a valuable asset. Paulo is known to be a great communicator, one who translates complex language spoken by business executives to a more simple language understood by tech professionals and other staff.

He is a highly experienced results-driven Sr. Instructional Designer / eLearning Developer with a solid background in Technology. He is a master of authoring tools, gifted with interdisciplinary knowledge and armed with weapons of mass instruction. Paulo Castro has been entrusted with transforming employees into top performers and delivering outstanding learning solutions across cultures, geographies, and technologies in a cost-effective, timely manner.


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