My First Blog Post – Welcome

Welcome to ‘The Transfer of Knowledge‘ – it is an online space dedicated to the exchange of information concerning the Learning, Science, Design, and Technology through the eyes of an Instructional Designer.

You will read about acquiring or modifying knowledge, behaviors, and skills through the process of learning – mostly related to humans but open to including learning in other living organisms and machines.

There will also be content related to the science of the mind, known as Cognitive Science. Of course, the focus will be on learning, but you might find topics such as reasoning, emotion, memory, perception, and artificial intelligence.

Much of the content in this blog will revolve around Instructional Design and the ways in which Technology affects instruction in our modern world. Seldom, you may find ‘alternative’ topics somehow related to one or more of the main topics of this blog (i.e., jobs, politics, anecdotes, and much more.)

The major objective of this blog is to provide a respectful environment where you can benefit from the sharing and discussion of relevant topics. Your participation is of utmost importance and your opinion is valuable. There will be no tolerance for disrespectful language, bullying, or any other action meant to disrupt the level of respect and professionalism expected.

A secondary objective of this blog is to make it accessible to everyone who might be interested in reading about the topics being presented here, especially if the reading results in participation in the form of comments and opinions. Moreover, you can assist in the dissemination of knowledge found on this blog by sharing its content on other websites, blogs, and social media pages.

Please feel free to add comments or contact the author directly to make suggestions, positive criticism, business proposals, or just to say ‘Hi.’



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